Membership card

Dear fellow citizens,

We would like to use this opportunity to thank you for your trust and financial support in previous years.

The Mierscher Pompjeeën asbl has been supporting the volunteer fire brigade of the commune of Mersch for many years and last year they were once again ready to help you 24 hours a day in emergency situations. The financial support of the young fire brigade is also important to us. We have been organising the traditional „Buergbrennen“ for years and participate in various events in the community, such as the „1. Mee Feier“ (Labour Day), the „Nationalfeierdaag“ or the Christmas market.

For two years now, we have been supporting an annual social project in or around the commune. Last year, we donated EUR 1,500 to the commune for the victims of the floods in 2021.

You can find more information about our association on our website and on Facebook Mierscher Pompjeeën asbl. You can also contact us at

If you would like to support us, you can do so by making a contribution of your choice to our account LU96 0019 3055 2228 0000 or by using Payconiq easily with the QR code shown.

We thank you in advance for your trust and your valuable support.

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